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Policies and Procedures, Security   and Bespoke Management 


The design, development and implementation of appropriate policies and procedures are essential for your business security compliance, to ensure that all employees or contractors have direction and rules for performing their assigned tasks whilst being on point for legislation. There are also key resources for you for demonstrating compliance to standards and for certification when the authorities come visiting we have you covered.

Can we save you money on management even if you use our security services?

Quiet simply yes! We have a unique system that we agree on and we can implement across your business providing a cost-effective management of your security requirements.

What do we specialise in?

We are particularly known for our specialised expert security door supervision compliance and management of licenced premises.

Although we consult in many different areas of security. We believe we are the only choice that gets it right on point, providing the customer experience and the trusted team profile that is imperative (“good for business”).

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Our customers say we are the only security team they come across that are friendly, fun, helpful and compliant. We are unique and its very simple, everyone wants to be treated as a human being and enjoy what the industry has ruined through bad security companies.

Bespoke Security Compliance.

Bespoke operational manuals and security risk assessments, with incident, daily occurrence & onsite new contractor or employee specific training books to show due diligence, proof of historic training compliance, assignment specific instructions tailored to the business model, we package it all cost effectively fast.

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You will be surprised how cost effective we provide this service tailored to your business. We can implement to any new or existing business. Are you worried about you don’t have any? Have you experienced this with previous security provider who let you down? This is where we can show the light of how and what needs to be recorded and why.

What do we cover? What do we specialise? Are you insured? Will it cover us?

Quite simply, preventive security measures are welcomed by our clients as we eliminate as much as we can for risks to your business. Well trained security staff with the bespoke compliance to back it up is a must, not forgetting the venue operations security manuals then we are ticking the boxes, some of our experienced areas we cover are:

Close Protection, Security Guarding & Door Supervision Specialist Area of Expertise.

  • Bespoke Security Books & Documentation
  • Policies, Procedures & PEEP
  • Site Specific Risk & Fire Assessments
  • Operations Manuals with Audit Compliance
  • Terrorism & Bomb Contingency Planning
  • Licensing Variations & Enforcement Consultancy
  • Security Operations, Deployed Management & Setup of New Premises including new Openings & Existing Business Development
  • Security Compliance & Legislation
  • Existing Contracts Maintained & New Welcomed
  • Fully Qualified & Certified
  • Fully Insured Public & Employee Liability 5 million / 10 million
  • Event Management | Ad-Hoc
  • Complete Security Packages
  • Nightclubs | Bars | Restaurants | Pubs | Casinos | Member Clubs | Theatres | Boutique Hotels | Close Protection Advance Primary | Secondary | Risk & Contingency Consultation | Manned Guarding Sites 24/7 Specific Risk Assessment portfolios

We can offer the security compliance for your venue / site as consultancy bespoke to your business only or we can supply the complete security management package with auditing free of charge each month to ensure continued compliance whilst being regulatory to the obligations of your business.

CCTV body cameras, electronic entry recording & search on entry wands, licenced radio hire.

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We can supply as a package with appropriate documentation recording to comply with legislation with evidence bags.

Acid kits supplied with appropriate due diligence training handbooks backed up with risk assessments to prove compliance by law for all staff on the premises. Are you covered? Read our advice now,

Bomb, terrorism, fire, lockdown and what to do in the event of emergency booklets supplied for training sign off. Are you covered? We can take care of all this in a package or individually.

We also supply all due diligence to all our security staff deployed on clients’ sites as a matter of protocol free of charge and management update and monitor at appropriate intervals, so we are all not only compliant with the law, but more importantly we can act should we be able to, saving and prevent the threating of life.

Licenced Premises.

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Licenced premises especially those which have had licence stipulations removed when applying for variation of licence due to our continued help, does this make sense? In the long run of course, we have made an enormous difference where businesses have been sold for an improvement or is now thriving well with maximum profit of the security, providing reduced costs being taken care of at last, maximising numbers in the doors and all in a matter of months, gaining the results now in the numbers. Happy managers make happy employees and more importantly delighted customers, without this, unfortunately any business will eventually go downhill.

New business to open?

New business premises, the procedure is simple and robust. We cover your security compliance and can continue to manage, should you require this service with regular audit sign off each week, month, or every 6 to 12 months depending how you wish to stay ahead of the game with maximising profits.

Proof of how this will help your business?

We have provided this service to many reputable businesses across London, being awarded distinctions from the expert authority auditors when they come checking up that it’s been done not only correctly but with consistency to show proactive measuring on what and how the business runs without being on the radar.

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Many businesses do not realise that a fail or a mark of not showing any compliance leads to an attentive eye in the background to start with, then more visits, then eventually if no compliance is implemented it can be even the end of the road being forced to close.

Door Supervision examples.

Continued reading some of our door supervision management results

We have provided services to stop the closure of licenced premises in one of London trendy late-night spots where an SIA approved security company, had failed to deliver. Our relationship with licencing is second to none, proof again can be provided where police have come in and its all about to go wrong for the licenced premises.

A challenging bar in London was about to be closed and we protected it from closure, due to our reputation of working with the authorities to make a difference with previous results alongside one of the largest major industry night operators for one of their two floored nightclubs. We were given four weeks to improve by the inspector after talks onsite, major changes were to be implemented immediately with the owners not to be allowed to make any decisions for the security operation of their business to keep trading. The police came to close the premises, we managed on this venue to keep it trading although it was to be closed with a recommendation not to reopen and with police objection for the owners not to be able to have a licence again.


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Three months we were permanently on site with a new security team, new policies, music, clientele, new compliance (paperwork) and a few other requirements, after three months the watchful eye moved on to another problematic venue. This venue is still open today although they have not managed to reopen another bar yet.

Two Floor Nightclub Super Club Result we manged the way forward.

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The nightclub mentioned earlier was on last warning before closure, six months later with no incidents and an array of historic robust proof of security due diligence compliance we protected the licence from being revoked.

However, the club only stayed open for nearly two months after we left. Formally they gave it back to another security company and they lost the club through poor management. This mistake made by the club’s operations manager unfortunately resulted in club permanent closure of which it’s still closed today.

We do provide a comprehensive report how not to let this happen although it’s not to everyone’s taste we have the results to prove it works! We are still making it happen for our clients whilst others are trying to make it happen.  We have a 100% results-based proof in the pudding, we are that confident we will get you ahead.

Details are available on request. Source Police Licencing North Kensington, Head of operations for Security Compliance UK.

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Nightclubs, bars, clubs, members clubs, pubs, cocktail bars in Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire, and London have all been managed by us for proven results all open and trading today. We have a list of what we have done for inspection with evidence of the premises we have provided this to. Exceptional really…


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Usually the port of call when it comes to security past compliance, we are more than happy to visit your premises and show our portfolio of compliance folders documented in specific detail to show past results, it is often the case prospective clients already know about it through links of the night life economy.

Manned Guarding.

We provide tailored corporate robust portfolios to our clients,

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We can tailor any assignment to your business protocol. We have experience with government priceless artefacts providing 24/7 security protection, to shielding empty warehouses from occupation.

Qualifications & company management policy.

Our management policy is second to none, we strive and lead heads up above the competition, we are fully qualified, fully insured with no less than 5 million liability and 10 million employee protection, policy number 32/LX/13181830/04 Expires 01/04/2019 copies available for inspection, we have more than 50 qualifications ranging from

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Health & Safety, IOSH, Security Management, Fire & Risk Assessment, Close Protection to London University Degree level as a matter of protocol, we tick all the boxes with our expertise, support and experience endeavouring to raise the bar in security awareness and more importantly protection (available on demand for inspection). Our management team members are continuously updating their skills in line with legislation, below is some of the regulatory bodies that certify our qualified management.

As a security management company with its own compliance skilled team headed up by our head of operations and security consultant, we have a track record of providing excellence in the field, gaining distinctions from the authorities for our work across cross-sector security compliance. This is just one of our best qualities we can offer to all our clients, proven results speak for themselves.

Copied by many, equalled by none, we are the only choice for security compliance that lets you get on and run your business knowing we have you protected, and the legalities stamped up!


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