Quality Assurance Policy Statement:

Ci5 Security Group Ltd provides core values dedicated to building partnership structures with excellence through safety security services delivery.

Through this professional approach service delivery relationship building, we are passionate about fundamental consideration for our best practices.

Protocol at Ci5 Security is a refreshing quality, we strive on etiquette, and we maintain balance in conjunction with our carefully selected management alongside the practicalities.

We have made a heavy investment in our infrastructure, being leaders right alongside compliance, we have your back when it comes to Security, after all it’s what we exceed at.

Safety is of the paramount importance, security protection, care, consideration and confidence to help is a mannerism we work by, it is just a matter of due diligence awareness in society creating enjoyable environments that are safer.

Meeting statutory regulatory requirements often known as “red tape” is another excellence we call no problem, we support and understand the importance of legislation compliance, maintenance of historic and continued development training, support, and record keeping, with respect in our loyalties, always remembering our staff is our business for our clients.

Understanding customers’ requirements, we believe is the sixth appreciation, the power of delivering those understandings is an art, this art of balance we find very simple in the logic conveyance.

Ci5 Security tailor specific assignment instructions to customer agreed requirements, before, and on commencement with periodical reviews in the engagement of our services during the deployment for reviewed improvement.

Customers provide key feedback for us, we are an open book, in our transparent after-sales services, we are proud to hear constructive criticism to improve any of our policies, we encourage and welcome feedback internally, and externally in the public domain from clients and customers.

Maintaining crystal clear key factors for what we call “new security” the process, is engaging, sustainable, friendly, and by far our ethical company vision of code has been the cornerstone and foundation in the success of being approachable in our deployment of our daily executions.

We believe our reputation on performance setting new heights, working with some of the finest brands, has made our mark in the world of improving the customer given client resilience of trust engagement.

When it’s Ci5 Security! There is no doubt we do what we say we do, and the best part is we do it with pride, under constant review with consistency, being cost effectivity transparent, we value our staff more, we charge our clients less, we become a family, on average our clients can save excessive amounts of expenditure every month using a unique system, simple really that, nobody else does what we do.

Find out how we can make your requirements not only work for you but also for us too.

Why not take a leap, give our head or operations a shout out for an informal discussion 0203 507 0450.

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