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Ci5 Terrorism Security Company Management Training with London’s Counter Terrorism Police

Ci5 Security Management having completed an updated terrorism training program with London’s Elite Counter Terrorism Police, this is incorporated into our new employee induction programs with immediate effect.

Ci5 Security Managing Director commented.

“Incidentally, we live in a world where the immediate and imminent threats of terrorism is now more a reality that cannot be ignored by the public and businesses.

This area of Security is on our list of due diligence for all our employees, we believe keeping safe our staff, so our staff can help provide the knowledge with the awareness we help our clients understand is of paramount importance the protection of human life let alone business that can be nearly on shut down should you be unfortunate to be a target of terrorism.

We have seen unfortunately, the type of attacks in recent times are like nothing experienced before. I am really pleased knowing our company is doing all we can to raise awareness on our clients’ sites.”

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