Welcome to our Manned Guarding Division,
Protecting People, Property and Possessions.


Ci5 Security® manned guarding protects across a spectrum of premises throughout London, and the UK 24/7, 365 days a year we are always open.


What makes us different to our competitors?

We provide a top class service while offering our clients the added extra that you can “book Security Guards on-line” and manage security from your client portal on-line Ci5 account, or even for Ad-Hoc when required, even pay by client account with your credit or debit card making the entire process as easy as one two three once approval and client account is set up.


Whether you require high calibre or low-profile guarding, we will provide SIA licensed Security Guards with impeccable skills and attributes tailored to your security detail available to “book online” after registration approval 24/7, 356 days a year in the UK with your own client account.

We provide any amount hours you may want from 5hr to 24hrs each day, 7 days a week that can be then extended for any period up to 2 years. Prices are very competitive depending on the service required.

We are your best security provider supplying the contract to deliver the security you require at a click off a few buttons, sit back and await Ci5 Security to arrive.

Client Accounts can now book online

“Book Security Guard on-line”

We have you covered!

Only the Highest qualitative level of Manned Guarding Service here at Ci5 Security™
we believe is paramount to our continued success protecting our Clients.


  • Manage Threat Analysis for our Clients – Paramount to our Core Values
  • Provide trackable multi & lone worker guards activities to our clients’ through monthly reports
  • SLA & KPI conducted as a matter of everyday business
  • Company deterrent signage protection as required
  • Record all site activities on our Security Guarding Daily Report Books
  • Use Company’s uniform with PPE as required for legal compliance
  • All our Security Guards have company Ci5 Photo Identification Card – personal to the Guard for an added level of security for all our clients
  • Continue Dynamic Risk Assessment – Integral to our Operational identity
  • Vetted Guards to Bs7858:2012 – Available across the UK, 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Ci5 Assist & Association – Ci5 Security™ Intelligence
  • Specific Site assessment and monitoring
  • Supply Contracts as agreed
  • Unapparelled Protection Detail – Search & Secure, Vehicles, Property, People
  • Specialist Trained Disposition SIA Licensed Security Guards – Our Guards
  • Operational Support Monitoring – Actionable on Site & Remote Action Planning
  • All Guards are supported by operational mobile managers, with personal account managers and Online Client Portal


What Security Guarding services do we provide?

  • Manned Guards
  • Access Control & Gatehouse
  • Corporate
  • Office
  • University
  • Lock & Unlock
  • Construction Site
  • Remote – Ad-Hoc
  • Asset Protection
  • Event and Film
  • Mobile Patrol Vehicle Livered marked or unmarked and Static
  • Close Protection Guarding Teams (CPGT)
  • Residential Security Guarding Team (RSGT)
  • Female or Male SIA Licensed with Medical Certification as protocol
  • Fire Marshal services
  • Street Marshal services
  • Event Support Services
  • Counter Terrorism Search & Security Guard dogs
  • Search and secure of vehicles and buildings
  • Securing of vacant property, venues and accommodations
  • Hotel Concierge


What skillsets can you expect from Ci5 Guards? Male or Female?

Ci5 Security Guards, come from extensive backgrounds in the Military and Police service, as well as civil backgrounds making a diverse equality Guarding Family.

Assurance is that all our BS7858-2012, vetted manned guards are professionally presented being reliable, friendly, vigilant, educated, polite, well trained, and are adept in the Ci5 company vision for all our clients, you can also request Female or Male security guards at the click of a button. We have an array of different skills that you can request, from Fire Marshall, First Aid, CSCS, CCTV, DS, CP, SG, K9, CPO, FSG FCP, there is a full list in the Client Section, after the sign-up process is complete and approved.


What makes Ci5 ASSIST different to our competitors?

Ci5 Security™ is proud of our standing with “Ci5 Assist” protective service provisions, that provide invaluable assistance and association with our integral cross sector advance live coverage with the Security Services.

This information benefits our operational areas for our clients to enforce security where required especially in our manned Guarding Division, Live updates are available to us, we are proud to be a part of raising the bar in private security.

Ci5 Security intel operations under The Chatham House Rule” are confidential and maybe subject in additional to this, special enhanced rules may be imposed if information of a sensitive nature is discussed.


What can Guard Dogs detect and deter?

Our counter terrorism Dog (K9) handlers search and security provide an important supporting role in counter terrorism search teams across a broad spectrum of static and mobile applications.

  • Intermittently ideal as added security patrol deterrent or enforcement measures
  • Property patrol, lone worker, remote sites
  • Asset event protection deterrent
  • Passively able to sit at your venue entrance, turnstiles or as required
  • Added queue detection selection
  • Marked Livery K9 Dog support vehicles parked add value to any event
  • Bespoke K9 Service applications welcomed

Guard Dogs are managed by expert SIA licensed dog handlers vetted up by Ci5 security in line with the Guard Dogs Act 1975.

Guard Dog Patrol Service Security Dogs that are suitable for providing security in event, residential, commercial premises where an extra level of security presence is beneficially demanded.


What you can expect from a Professional Security Company?

Our management team are proficiently certified at Degree level speaking proficient in five different languages having served the public sectors in New Scotland Yard the Police Force, Special Engagement Military Operations, Senior Security Management.


Our mission is to surpass our clients’ security expectations above and beyond going the extra mile.


Ci5 Security Manned Guarding Division is open 24/7/365 days a year, we do not close. Emergency 24hr contact 07551 50 40 30.

We have industry experience in providing Manned Guarding protection in a variety of secure and unsecure environments, it might be a field with a high worth digger, or it could be a multimillion bond warehouse patrol or commercial gate security, we protect your people, property, and possessions. We also have protected, high worth items in transport and stationary, plant machinery, unoccupied buildings, new builds, event and film set equipment hires on 24/7 rota.

Ci5 Security is professional and discrete in our work, Confidentiality is Paramount and important to us, Ci5 Security Manned Guards can advise and integrate any circumstances, we blend in and fit where others fail, we can be a visual deterrent or hidden.


Protecting People, Property, and Possessions is what we do, eliminating criminal behaviour in the public and private domain makes Ci5 Guards a course of business as a part of your business.


Our Rates are competitive, we believe there among the best available and they can be paid for by Client Account, Cash, Cheque, Direct Bank Deposit, Bank Transfer or by Debit/Credit card online through Book a “Ci5 Security Guard Online”.



For an informal Consultation please contact us through our on-line form or send us an email to: info@ci5security.co.uk on how we can provide security protection, alternatively you can text Ci5 Manned Guard to 07551 50 40 30 we have found this is a wonderful way for you to exercise an enquiry.

Peace of mind is a matter of choice


We are elliptically devoted to surpassing Customer Safety through service!

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