Ci5 Security holds membership by Royal Charter with British Standards

The ISO 9001 standard is a very important standard within the ISO Family series. ISO 9001 specifies the requirements of a quality management system (EMS), a dynamic structured approach within an organization. ISO 9001 helps businesses of all sizes across all sectors improve their customer, client performance, legal compliance and business ethics, making a remarkable tool that works specifically to our company, more importantly, it gives weight to our credibility, performance in the marketplace to our clients knowing we operate to ISO 9001:2015.

Ci5 Management hold industry standard recognised qualifications in

IOSH, Close Protection, Door Supervision, Fire Arms, MMA, Security BS 7858 Screening, Corporate Event Management CCTV, Security Management, Human Resources, Employer Law, Business & Legal studies, Data Protection, RIDDOR, F.P.O.S, Fire & Risk Assessment, Accountancy FCCA, Operational Management, Business equivalent MBA & Degree in Science Information Technology.

Quality management standards

Quality matters to customers. Ci5 Security gives your customers a good experience across a multitude of business sectors, while providing security in transparency, customers return and continue to use your business, this is a proven experience we are very proud of, and it’s not to do with the QMS alone, it’s to do with a combination of all our values, we strive, lead, have ambition, and most importantly we are passionate to prosper to be the best for our clients.

Quality management is the top of our business

Would you buy clothes that didn’t last more than a day through bad materials?

No, clearly you wouldn’t, however, we see it every day with security selection.

Therefore, we say why to buy security that is not going to last more than a day as we have seen so many times with back street security, desperate decisions from managers trying to fill gaps under pressure through bad management of the company…

Ci5 Security does not believe that this is a way to do business, talk to us about team security that we provide, not just sending something for no purpose, we have seen many security make this continued mistake.

We believe it take a very passionate management to not only implement what a client wants, we find it is also about the needs, with combinations in understanding the people that make the teams.

We can build unique teams that provide the front of our clients’ business and this we take very seriously, after all it’s our passion to see your business prosper and we can do that as a security team, while you get on and run your business, trusting we have your back on the security.

Talk to us how we can change… We use Ci5 Security!  Be proud of us, we know we will be about you!

Having a Quality Management System (QMS) in place makes sure as a business we meet our customers’ requirements, saving us money and time on resources, increase profits keeping us not only a step above our competitors, but striving to the industry leader by default of choice.

As a result, we see enhanced cost savings through a multitude of implemented structures not limited to, accident reduction, working efficiency and improved risk management.

We are the correct choice, the only choice, we have what others try to have.

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BS 7960:2016
Door Supervision
BS 8593:2017
BWV - Body Worn Video
BS 7499:2013
Manned Guarding
BS 7858:2012
Security Screening
ISO 14001:2015
Environmental System
OHSAS 18001:2015
Health & Safety

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