Door Supervision Tailored with Transformation,
Reliable, Consistent, Vigilant, Proactive,
Friendly, Cost-Effective Door Supervisors
for your complete Safety of Service.


Ci5 Security™ provides optimum Door Supervision with unrivalled cost-effective solutions for our client base, we save you exceptional costs every week guaranteed

We believe its paramount to have in place consistent superior Security Door Supervisors individually or as a team. This provides a foundation maintaining a safe working environment across your spectrum, as ambassadors of your brand, professional standing is important here at Ci5 Security, we are your leading choice to providing the highest professional level of customer service, which we believe is paramount to continued success.

In our protective security detail provided to our Client base we commit to:

  • Provide a cost-effective quote unique to Ci5 that has proven to be very popular
  • Assignment Instructions, Ejection Policy, Search Policy, Challenge 25, PEEP
  • Counter Terrorism advice & preparation in line with projects GRIFFIN & ARGUS
  • Bomb Evacuation & Fire Assembly confirmation configuration
  • All Ci5 Security staff are provided with radios & earpieces
  • Handheld Metal Detection Wands supplied as requested
  • Company’s High-visibility clothing, Ties, Uniform provided as venue protocol agreement
  • Head Door Supervisors with multi-site experience & invaluable local knowledge
  • Door Supervisors are subject to specific appropriate in house & on-site training
  • Client Management on-line Rota live updated portal with Personal Account Manager
  • Client on-line benefits through your Personal Client Account
  • Client request & book extra staff Online Booking Account
  • Operational Support Monitoring – Actionable on Site & Remote Action Planning
  • Benefits of Ci5 Assist & Association – Ci5 Security™ Intelligence
  • Contractual easy terms of business
  • Carry out site specific Risk Assessments
  • Venue Lockdown advice
  • Provide operational compliance free of charge
  • All operational manuals & training on site free of charge complied by qualified certified Ci5 Employees fully accredited to carry out & “Sign Off” legally
  • Door Supervisor incident log books, timesheets
  • Body Cameras supplied to licensed CCTV staff working “front of house” for legal compliance, please ask us for details
  • Ci5 Security Management deployment for all new contracts for stability & support


What makes us different to our competitors?

Ci5 Security™ is proud of our standing with “Ci5 Assist” protective security provisions that provide invaluable assistance and association with our integral cross sector advance live coverage with the Security Services.

Raising the Bar in the services we provide is why we lead the field in Door Supervision.

Our communications direct memberships, partnership intel is invaluable to the security of all our principle clients specifically here in London, as well as across the UK.

Partnerships allow us to make live informed decisions on your behalf with our source creditable security frameworks, embracing safety for immediate higher risks that companies are not able to access certain imminent threats for Licensed Premises.

Ci5 Security intel operations under “The Chatham House Rule” are confidential and maybe subject in additional to this, special enhanced rules may be imposed if information of a sensitive nature is discussed.


What skillsets can you expect from Ci5 Door Supervisors?

Ci5 Door Supervisors and teams come from extensive backgrounds in Door Supervision, we only employ the very best supervisors that we feel have attributes that parents would be proud of, whilst being able to manage the most trying of licenced premise customer service being part of the Ci5 Family.

Assurance is that all our Door Supervisors are BS7858:2012 vetted by our in-house application certified staff trained and qualified under the International Professional Security Association.

Professionally presented with the correct tools, interpersonal skills, being friendly, educated, polite, well trained, and are adept in the Ci5 company vision for all our clients.


What level Ci5 Door Supervisors do you require?

Whether you require high calibre or low-profile personnel, we will provide the correct personalities with impeccable skills and attributes tailored to your security detail.


What Licenced SIA Door Supervisors & Services do we provide?

  • Operations Manager
  • Specific Security Managers (larger Clubs & Ad-hoc with 25+ Supervisors)
  • Female or Male DS, CP SIA Licensed with Medical Certification as protocol
  • CP Counter Terrorism Search & Deter Security dogs
  • CP Counter Surveillance & Undercover CP Surveillance (Drug control)
  • DS Highly trained specific search and secure Door Supervisors
  • CP Securing of property, venues and accommodation
  • CP DS organising and implementing arrival and departure procedures
  • Consultancy – Door Supervision – New setup – Existing Transformation
    due to Licence Enforcement – Licence amendments & advice, support
  • CP Bodyguards (BG)
  • CP Personal Protection Officer (PPO) / (CPO)
  • CP Close Protection Teams (CPT)
  • DS Head Door Supervisors
  • DS Assistant Head Door Supervisors
  • DS Door Supervisors
  • DS Door Supervisors CCTV Licensed for Bodycam in the public
    domain front of house
  • CP Noise Monitoring
  • We also supply Marshalls


What you can expect from a Professional Security Company?

In today’s increasing age of concern our robust management have started life on the ground being deployed as operatives themselves in different sometimes extremely high-risk hostile environments, our company operations surpass our competitors for expertise, experience and previous government deployment, engagement and recall.

Our teams have an outstanding knowledge of security protocols, here at Ci5 Security every day is another day of experience, expertise and enlightened engagement.

Our management team are proficiently certified at Degree level speaking proficient in five different languages, having served the public sectors in New Scotland Yard the Police Force, Special Engagement Military Operations, Senior Security Management trained in close protection, door supervision, fire arms, counter terrorism, mobile surveillance, domestic, commercial investigation, CCTV, project management to name a few bringing a vast array of skills together.

Please read “about us” for more information on the company structure, Ci5 Security Leadership Team.


  • Night Clubs
  • Member Clubs
  • Cocktail Bars
  • Late Night Bars
  • Sports Bars
  • Casinos
  • Public Houses
  • Theatres
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels


Ci5 Security Dortec Division is our special operations unit for Door Supervision detail.

We have vast industry experience in providing Door Supervision Security in a variety of environments across the UK.

Our Management have opened new High-End Members Clubs, Night Clubs, Cocktail Bars, Restaurant Bars, and developed security teams across the UK.

We are proud of our experience in Door Supervision Security, having provided high calibre proactive customer security keeping venues safe, allowing owners and managers manage their businesses to exceed targets.

Ci5 Security Dortec understands customer branding and customer profiling, how to train our staff and how most importantly to make your customers enjoy your brand wanting to return and spread the word that your place is now the place of choice.


We have every week, hundreds of customers at venues we work with say to us how we are the best security they have come across, it’s factual and its free, but most of all it shows our clients that we are the preferred choice from other security companies, working with managers showing results every time, we are the experienced security company. Customer Service Security is what we do!

We are extremely proud of our unblemished record for working alongside other companies when they have used our expertise, management to save guard their contracts, calling us in to help where their staff have failed.

We have a track record for keeping venues from losing their licences when previous security companies have failed to deliver. In an ever-changing environment Ci5 Operational Management deploy themselves on all new contracts, we deliver expertise, customer service, security team development, and industry compliance are all taken care of as a matter of everyday procedures.

Ci5 Security is professional and discrete in our work, Confidentiality is Paramount and important to us. We can advise and integrate any circumstances, we blend in and fit where others fail.


Expeditiously embracing etiquette with our expertise to ensure your safety of your brand,
we are commanded to protect your security detail here at Ci5 Security Dortec.


Our Rates are extremely uniquely competitive, we believe there the best available and they can be paid for by Cash, Direct Bank Transfer or by Debit/Credit card, even online through your client portal for all staff or extra staff with “Book a Guard”.

We are passionate about what we can do and what we achieve for you, asking you to sign a contract after 6 – 8 weeks of happy service for 12 or 24 months which allows us to provide unrivalled security protection consistency for our clients and our staff with our special unique rates, guaranteed for duration of the contract.

For an informal Consultation please contact us through our on-line form or send us an email to: on how we can provide security protection, alternatively you can text Ci5 Dortec to 07551 50 40 30 we have found this is a wonderful way for you to exercise an enquiry.

All information received from our clients is treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

All information received from our clients is treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

We share no information with third parties and we do not sub contract any of our Door Supervision business under any circumstances.

Peace of mind is a matter of choice


We are elliptically devoted to surpassing Customer Safety through service!

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