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Ci5 Security Consultants in house security services can provide specialist advice in the following areas of expertise for your requirements.

Why and when to action a Ci5 Security Consultant?

You can hire us 24hrs a days 7 day a week, 365 days a year, as security never closes here at Ci5.

We can provide bespoke tailored consultancy to your requirements weather it’s private, a department or organisation that requires a special skill. It could be a private investigation to competitive intelligence(CI) with our Ci6 Division, or due diligence or employee screening, it could be that you want a specific task completed as soon as possible, rather than use a member of staff, or it could be for an independent view, a new site or event.

Ci5 Security has wide expertise having an array of specialist personnel available of which are fully licenced by the SIA and suitably qualified being members of Professional Bodies and Memberships. Ci6 Private Investigators cover specialist investigations which is a division of Ci5 Security.


  • Bespoke tailored Security Consultancy
  • Action Planning
  • Asset Protection planning & Safeguarding
  • ACS SIA Accreditation Approved Contractor set up, SIA portal input, forms & compliance
  • BS7858:2012 Security Screening of Staff | DBS | Credit Risk
  • BS7858:2012 Consultancy Documentation supplied
  • Bespoke on-site security training & Assessment legal sign off
  • Bomb Threat Assessment & Evacuation Procedures
  • Core Operations Audit Manual delivery
  • Close Protection planning (Primary & Secondary), set-up and team profiling Deployment
  • CCTV | Site Assessment set-up, advise & monitoring
  • Counter Terrorism | Terrorism advice & Awareness planning
  • Crowd Control Deployment planning |PEEP| Point of entry & dispersal
  • Door Supervision Specialist set-up | Team Profiling | Training | Specific Outreach Delivery
  • Festival & Special Event Operational support management (on & off site) Health & Safety Guidance
  • Fire Risk Assessment & sign off
  • HR Documentation supplied specific to security
  • Late Night Venue | Night Club Operations Audit Tailored Specific Manual & Risk Assessment Compliance
  • Licence Support & Guidance through licence revocations, amendments, orders & enforcements (Section 161 Licencing Act)
  • Management Recruitment Screening | Testing | Risk Assessment | Reporting | Security Training (on-site venue security licence risk)
  • Office Security Set-up
  • Private Investigation & Surveillance with Ci6 | Commercial & Corporate | All services available
  • Rota Staff Training & Implementation
  • Risk Assessments
  • Security Surveys
  • Standard Operational Security Procedures actioned for new and existing client’s premises
  • Staff Recruitment | Employment | Profiling | Delivery | Sub Contracting
  • Website Cyber Security On-line Penetration Protection

Professional Books bespoke branded to your requirements:

  • Accidents Records
  • Daily Occurrence
  • Door Supervisor Incident
  • Fire & Drill Records
  • Event Records
  • Incident Reporting
  • Induction & Assignment Instructions
  • Member Club
  • Night Club
  • Operations Manual
  • Risk Assessments
  • Refusal Logs
  • Staff Timesheets
  • Training A4, A5 Booklets, for new & existing evidence of Historic Compliance with due diligence

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