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Where the Highest Qualitative Security detail
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Ci5 Security™ Trojan provides unmeasured optimum executive close protection worldwide whilst being based in London.

Ci5 Trojan, Close Protection Division, Protection designed for:

A-list, Senior Executives, Diplomats, Religious Leaders, Members of Foreign Royal Families, Celebrities and the Media or Matters of Personal Threat we have you covered.

Only the Highest qualitative level of Close Protection Service here at Ci5 Security™ we believe is paramount to our continued success.


What skillsets can you expect from Ci5 operatives?

Ci5 bodyguards and Close Protection teams come from extensive backgrounds in the British Military and Police service, many are from Specialist Close Protection units not limited to SO1 Specialist Protection, SO14 Royalty Protection, the UK Special Forces (SAS/SBS), and the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit (RMP CPU), as well as civil backgrounds.

Assurance is that all our Operatives are professionally presented being friendly, educated, polite, well trained, and are adept in the Ci5 company vision for all our clients.


What makes us different to our competitors?

Ci5 Security™ is proud of our standing with “Ci5 Assist” protective close protection service provisions that provide invaluable assistance and association with our integral cross sector advance live coverage with the Security Services.

Our communications direct memberships, partnership intel is invaluable to the security of all our principle clients across International waters, Europe, and specifically here in London.

Partnerships allow us to make live informed decisions on your behalf with our creditable source security frameworks, keeping us ahead of immediate dangers that in today’s environments may surface.

Ci5 Security intel operations under “The Chatham House Rule” are confidential and maybe subject in additional to this, special enhanced rules may be imposed if information of a sensitive nature is discussed.

In our protective detail provided to our Principle Client base we:

  • Manage Threat Analysis for our Clients – Paramount to our Core Values
  • Continue Dynamic Risk Assessment – Integral to our Operational identity
  • Conduct Advance Work and Reconnaissance – Highly Skilled Quality Planning
  • Deployment & Contingency Plans – 1st, 2nd, 3rd Prime Map Figuration
  • Travel Arrangement Supervision – Arrival, Live Timing, Exit Escape & Departure
  • Unapparelled Protection Detail – Search & Secure, Vehicles, Property, People
  • Specialist Trained Disposition SIA CP Licensed Officers – Our Teams
  • Operational Support Monitoring – Actionable on Site & Remote Action Planning
  • Ci5 Assist & Association – Ci5 Security™ Intelligence


What level Ci5 protection do you require?

Whether you require high calibre or low-profile personnel, we will provide operatives with impeccable skills and attributes tailored to your security detail.


What Close Protection services do we provide?

  • Bodyguards (BG) Overt & Covert 24/7
  • Personal Protection Officer (PPO) / (CPO)
  • Close Protection Teams (CPT)
  • Residential Security Team (RST)
  • Female or Male CP SIA Licensed with Medical Certification as protocol
  • Counter Terrorism Search & Security dogs
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Security Drivers
  • Search and secure of vehicles and buildings
  • Securing of property, venues and accommodation
  • Supervising travel arrangements
  • Organising and implementing arrival and departure procedures
  • Consultancy – Close Protection
  • Mobile Patrol – Advanced Planning Reconnaissance


What can Ci5 K9 unit detect and deter?

Our counter terrorism Dog (K9) handlers search and security provide an important supporting role in counter terrorism search teams across a broad spectrum of static and mobile applications.

  • Intermittently ideal as added security patrol deterrent or enforcement measures
  • Property patrol, lone worker, remote sites
  • Asset event protection deterrent
  • Passively able to sit at your venue entrance, turnstiles
  • Added queue detection selection
  • Marked Livery K9 Dog support vehicles parked add value to any event
  • Bespoke K9 Service applications welcomed

Ci5 Dogs all are managed by expert SIA licenced dog handlers backed up by Ci5 Assist.

Ci5 Dogs supply patrol Service Security Dogs that are suitable for providing security in event, residential, commercial premises where an extra level of security presence is beneficially demanded.


What you can expect from a Professional Security Company?

In today’s increasing age of concern our robust management have started life on the ground being deployed as operatives themselves in different sometimes extremely high-risk hostile environments, our company operations surpass our competitors for expertise, experience and previous government deployment, engagement and recall.

Our management team are proficiently certified at Degree level speaking proficient in five different languages having served the public sectors in New Scotland Yard the Police Force, Special Engagement Military Operations, Senior Security Management trained in close protection, door supervision, fire arms, counter terrorism, mobile surveillance, domestic, commercial investigation, CCTV, to name a few bringing a vast array of skills together.

Please read “about us” for more information on the company structure of security management team.


Our mission is to surpass our clients’ security expectations above and beyond going the extra mile is what we are good at!


Ci5 Security Trojan Division is our special operations unit for Close Protection Detail.

We have industry experience in providing A – list clients Close protection in a variety of secure environments, visits, holiday vacations, shopping, day & evening excursions to the “Night Out” at exclusive venues, and important Business. We also have protected numerous nights out “Events” across the capital including Royals, Princesses, and Celebrities from many countries.

We have protected the protected, with teams from across the waters, for Multiple A-List Principles, working alongside American personal Body Guards here in London when downtime must be taken for rest.

Ci5 Security is professional and discrete in our work, Confidentiality is Paramount and important to us, Ci5 Security Trojan Close Protection can advise and integrate any circumstances, we blend in and fit where others fail.


Expeditiously embracing etiquette with our expertise to ensure your safety of any task we are commanded to protect your security detail here at Ci5 Trojan Close Protection.


Our Rates are competitive, we believe there among the best available and they can be paid for by Cash, Cheque, Direct Bank Deposit, Bank Transfer or by debit or credit card online through Book a “Ci5 Trojan Close Protection”.

For an informal Consultation please contact us through our on-line form or send us an email to: info@ci5security.co.uk on how we can provide security protection, alternatively you can text Ci5 Trojan to 07551 50 40 30 we have found this is a wonderful way for you to exercise an enquiry.

All information received from our clients is treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. We share no information with third parties and keep any evidence for the minimum time required by the client, before securely destroying it in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

We are here when you need a little help...
Ci5 Security raising the bar higher, leading the way forward.


We are elliptically devoted to surpassing Customer Safety through service!

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