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Ci5 Security Management implements robust training development procedures as a matter of due diligence raising staff awareness.

Ci5 Security Head of Operations Steve commented.

“Recognition at Ci5 in our services we supply to our clients is of paramount importance in every detail, we believe a well-trained Ci5 happy employee delivers, promoting customer experience as your ambassadors at the point of business, your reputation with ours is important for sustained growth and must have a balance of focus with protection at the right levels.

For many years it was enough to be just a presence and a voice, nothing was licensed and cash seemed to talk, causing corruption and poor security, it was all about money nothing else, in today’s ever-changing climate across a multitude of diverse sectors, it’s now about customer service, compliance, and commanding the correct protocol protection, which measures up continued returns on investment enhancing our clients’ businesses to flourish, indeed presence and voice still plays exceptional command, however the more we promote the customer friendly environment is where our robust training comes into play, excelling in all we do.

Many companies these days claim this is what they do, only to find out afterwards they simply fail in the delivery of their product services with incorrect profiling, our experience has made us aware of the pitfalls many if not most companies now fall into is what we also alarming hear too often.

Historically Security Companies have taken a relaxed and poor managed way of structure focusing on cheap labour, producing cheap security and thinking this will suffice to maximise profits, often not paying their workforce the correct wages or rates causing quail in the work force, even approaching clients for the shortfalls, here at Ci5 we have a robust system where we excel our training providing what we offer, Security Protection Focused Service with unique cost-effective planning, which in turn helps our customers concentrate on maximising there business.

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