Ci5 Security holds membership by Royal Charter with British Standards

The BS 7960:2016 standard is very important standard for Door Supervision BS series.

BS 7960:2016 specifies the requirements of a Door Supervisor

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is responsible for regulating the private security industry. An SIA licence is required if you undertake the licensable activities of a door supervisor. Unless your employer or company has been given an exemption under Section 4(4) of the Private Security Industry Act 2001, it is a criminal offence to undertake the licensable activities of a door supervisor without an SIA licence. Conformity with the recommendations in BS 7960 can demonstrate compliance with the SIA’s licence requirements.

Why we work to the Door Supervision – Code of Practice as a company

We work with the BS 7960:2016 Door supervision standard as a company as we are passionate about what we do, we have professional proof in the work we have and continue to do for our clients, other security companies often turn to us for advice on a weekly basis, we have saved many licenced premises from closure and had their licences amended after many trouble free months, we have never failed at saving a licence working alongside Police Licencing across London with some big names in the business, to reach the same goal for the clients, names available on request.

Management have worked with other companies subcontracting and have saved small cocktail bars to 2 floor super clubs from closure (proof available).

We are extremely proud of our record and have received respect for what we do from the authorities gaining trust and commendations from District Police Commanders, the way we conduct business for security is unrivalled, we have not seen other security or venue managers do what we can, often we see venues failing due to management not having a clue leading to loss of customers, lack of revenues and imminent closure eventually, this is a few reasons managers and security companies come and go regularly.

Do you Consult in section 161 to 166 of the Licensing Act 2003 closure notices?

Management can be deployed for Door Supervision Consultancy when life gets tough, we have a specialist team of Expert Security Door Supervisors we can deploy immediately on standby for Review of a Premises Licence, following a Closure Notice or even leading up to one by official warning. We will help save you from closure. Rates are depending on preventive work to be undertaken measured with severity of circumstances with our risk assessment.

Leave it to us! We will put right what others fail, we are experts in this with proven results under our belt. Talk to our Head of Operations.

Who is the standard for?

The standard is specifically aimed at the private security industry, security companies providing door supervision services must have this in our view.

We would always advise anyone to check that the company has this with Door Supervision due to the safety of customers, the security must provide for protecting people, property and possessions.

What does the standard cover?

It gives recommendations for the organisation, staffing, operation and management of companies providing door supervision services to licenced premises or events, and to other individuals, companies, organisations and designated premises supervisors who provide or employ door supervisors.

Why was BS 7960 revised?

  • BS 7960:2016 accommodated changes in the legal requirements for door security supervisors.
  • “Response to emergencies” section replaces the previous “contingency plan for security”.
  • New threat level provides guidance for door security supervisors on how to handle emergencies, performing first aid.
  • Vulnerable people, considerations in dealing with children, young people.
  • Response to a terrorist attack.
  • Other large-scale emergencies.
  • Requirements to identify, implement violence reduction measures.
  • SIA – Security Industry Authority – licenses checked against SIA records (at least once a month).
  • Additional guidance regarding the Data Protection Act and SIA Licence requirements for CCTV and other data recording devices are used.

Code of Practice Definition

The code of practice targets the end-user at a practical rather than a business process level to understand a clients’ strategy, joint contingency and assessment of all stakeholders’ financial wellbeing.

Quality Management Standards

Quality matters to customers. Ci5 Security gives your customers a good experience across a multitude of business sectors, while providing security in transparency, customers return and continue to use your business. This is a proven experience we are very proud of, and it’s not to do with the QMS alone, it’s to do with a combination of all our values, we strive, lead, have ambition, and most importantly we are passionate to prosper to be the best for our clients.

ISO 9001 helps businesses of all sizes across all sectors improve their customer, client performance, legal compliance and business ethics, making a remarkable tool that works specifically to our company, more importantly it gives weight to our credibility, performance in the market place to our clients knowing we operate to ISO 9001:2015.

Ci5 Management hold industry standard recognised qualifications in

Close Protection, Door Supervision, CCTV, Security Management, Terrorism, Operational Management, Business equivalent MBA & Degree in Science Information Technology, Data Protection, IOSH, F.P.O.S & Fire Risk Assessment & Safety, Human Resources, Risk Assessment, Accountancy FCCA

We are the correct choice, the only choice, we have what others try to have.

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ISO 9001:2015
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Organizations involved in the development of the standard include the British Security Industry Association; National Security Inspectorate; Security Industry Authority; and the Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS).

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