Security screening of individuals employed in a security environment. Code of practice

Ci5 Security holds membership by Royal Charter with British Standards, our management has the BS 7858:2012 qualification to process any applications meeting the requirements of current legislation, SIA guidelines and company policy.

The importance of effective security screening within our business sector is paramount. It is a fundamental requirement for us to comply with BS 7858:2012 and other industry codes of practice, we operate a stringent pre-employment vetting system ensuring the highest level of service delivery for all Ci5 company’s clients from our staff at no cost to the client.

What is BS 7858:2012?

BS 7858:2012 is the code of practice for screening developed by the British Standards Institution, widely used in the security industry, also now applicable to and being adopted by many other business sectors.

The current version of the Standard requires:

  • Establishing identity, nationality, and residence, right to work
  • Minimum 5 years continuous employment history
  • Personal references are written
  • Financial checks
  • Criminal records check

What is contained in BS 7858:2012

  • Establishing records and procedures for screening
  • What to look for when screening and how to resolve problems
  • Requirements for detecting fraudulent documents
  • Compliance with the Data Protection Act

Does it take long to check, what can I expect, what depth do you need evidence?

We check each application requirement making sure the process is robust and quick in our measure to establish a pass on the vetting time scale allocated by the BS 7858:2012.

  • The guidelines we are governed by
  • Conditional Employment Starts (Once a min of 3-year Oral established check is carried out)
  • 12 weeks for a 5-year screening period
  • 16 weeks for a longer screening period (Extension of 4 weeks, subject to Executive approval & recorded on an Executive Acceptance of Risk company form.)

We have a duty to confirm oral references in writing, assemble a month by month working history, minimum 5 years to pass the screening, our vetting officer must do this in 12 weeks with a possible 4-week Executive recorded authorisation whilst working to the Data protection act 1998, Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, and the Equality Act 2010.

All separate screening file records are maintained for a minimum of 7 years whilst being stored securely in line with legislation.

Why we as a Security Company do this?

Employees are cited as a company’s greatest asset. But how well do you know your employees, especially new recruits who are about to join the company? Getting it wrong at this point could be detrimental to your company. Pre-employment interviewing may find a person who appears to be right for the job but is there sufficient information to enable a proper decision to be made about their engagement? Remembering Security Officers are in a position of trust.

Pre-employment Screening is the process of looking at specific aspects of an individual’s character and suitability for employment.

Ci5 Transparency

The commitment that we have towards integrity informs our approach to transparency, as a committed company we preserve the confidentially required of us for our clients and client applicants regarding the work we do on their behalf.

Our operating procedures are open for inspection. As a business, all our activities are governed by these procedures. We believe that this makes our approach to our work fully transparent.

Ci5 Consistency

We define excellence as the surpassing of ordinary standards. This will be demonstrated by striving to surpass ordinary standards in everything we do, as measured by our clients and staff.

Training, Electronic Forms, Material for BS 7858:2012

We can also offer this as a training course to any sector business.

Prices start at as little as £230, Book now for your next training course in London to get your qualification.

We also provide course material and forms that can be tailored to your company for as little as £45 and set up fee of £49 should you need our bespoke services, please use our contact us form.

Screening applies to all employees including acquisitions, transfers, and subcontractors.

The policies and procedures need to cover security screening working practices and should be regularly reviewed and updated. Procedures should also cover clearing desks, locking filing cabinets, security shredding and the control of access to computers and data storage media.

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