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The cooperation between public and police is a powerful defence.

In recent years, attacks have been prevented and lives have been saved. Communities Defeat Terrorism. That’s why we’re launching ACT, a campaign encouraging communities to share any information that may help prevent an attack.

When attacks have occurred in the past, people have said they suspected something was wrong but worried they may waste police time by coming forward. Or that they might get someone into trouble. The ACT campaign wants to reassure the public that no call or click will be ignored. And that we will only take action after appropriate checks have been carried out. Anonymity will be assured and what we are told will always be secure.

Anyone who sees something unusual or suspicious should go with their instincts and ACT. If they think someone is vulnerable to being radicalised, ACT. Even if they’re unsure what to do in an emergency, ACT.

What should I report?

You should report suspicious activity or behaviour – anything that seems out of place, unusual or just doesn’t seem to fit in with everyday life.

These are just some examples of suspicious activity and behaviour which could potentially be terrorist related:

  • Anyone hiring or acquiring large vehicles or similar for no obvious reason
  • Anyone buying or storing a large amount of chemicals, fertilisers or gas cylinders for no obvious reasons
  • Anyone taking notes or photos of security arrangements, or inspecting CCTV in an unusual way
  • Anyone looking at extremist material (including on the so-called Dark Web), ordering unusual items online or carrying out unusual bank transactions.
  • Anyone who has illegal firearms or other weapons or has shown an interest in obtaining them
  • Anyone holding passports or other documents in different names, for no obvious reasons
  • Anyone who goes away travelling for extended periods of time but is vague about where they’re going

You can also read the Frequently Asked Questions about reporting suspicious activity.

For more information about counter terrorism and how to stay safe visit the NPCC Website.

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